Glass laser cutting machine

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Glass laser cutting machine

1. Product Description

This equipment adopts ultra-fast laser, coordinated with software control, and precision platform system, which can realize rapid cutting of glass and sapphire, with edge collapse less than 10um.

2. Equipment application and industry

This equipment is suitable for fast shaped cutting of glass and sapphire with DOL<50um, mobile phone cover glass, camera protection lens, home button cover, optical lens, car glass, etc.

3. Processing advantages

  • Non-contact processing, less damage to materials, high cutting accuracy
  • Layered three-dimensional cutting, can be used to cut non-strengthened and strengthened glass
  • Laser single point action time is short, heat affected area is small, and no glass debris is generated
  • High-speed cutting with linear motor, high efficiency

4. Technical Parameters





Processing range


CCD positioning accuracy


Positioning accuracy


Repeat positioning accuracy


CCD positioning accuracy


Cutting thickness


Pulse width


Total Weight


Laser Type

Infrared picosecond

Power specifications

220V/1 PH/50Hz/16A /3.5KW

Power specifications

380V/3 PH/2.5KW

5. Pictures

1000#Glass laser cutting machine

2000#Glass laser cutting machine

3000#Glass laser cutting machine

4000#Glass laser cutting machine

5000#Glass laser cutting machine

6000#Glass laser cutting machine

6000#Glass laser cutting machine


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