Die Bonding

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Die Bonding

1.     Product overview:
 The product is taken out of the magazine through the precision conveying track, and the wafer is automatically peeled and loaded and accurately positioned; the multi-axis high-precision manipulator is guided by the industrial camera to complete the precision dispensing and wafer loading process for the product.

2.     Equipment application and industry:
 The semiconductor production process and the dispensing and bonding process of the CCM camera module can meet the position accuracy requirements of the upper and lower assembly and bonding.

3.     Product features:
  (1) High efficiency, overall UPH≥5000 pcs
  (2) High yield rate ≥ 99.9% (except for product incoming factors)
  (3) High accuracy, XY position accuracy: ±5μm deflection angle ±0.2°bond head pressure 100~1000g (programmable);

4.    Technical Parameters


1. Application

Fully automatic wafer loading

2. Model

Dwin- Wafer carrying -03A

3. Dimensions (LxWxH)

2700x 1400 x 1970 mm

4. Weight


5. Dimensions of loading and unloading machine carrier platform

Loading and unloading machine carrier platform size 320x 80mm

6. Auto Wafer size (LxW


7. X Y position accuracy

When the ambient temperature fluctuates within ±1°

8. X Y Mounting accuracy

 ± 10µm  Depends on the stability of product accuracy

9. Bond head pressure control

Accurate pressure to ±10g

10. UPH

5k~15k pcs/h  According to the product process and the number of products on the vehicle

11. XY Shaft speed

XY axis maximum speed 1500mm/s

12. Equipment cleanliness level

Grade 100

13. Power specifications

220 VAC (±5%) , 50-60 Hz

14. Total power


5.Product Pictures



Die Bonding


Die Bonding


Die Bonding


Die Bonding


Die Bonding


Die Bonding


Die Bonding


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