Semi-automatic wafer cleaning machine

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Semi-automatic wafer cleaning machine

1.      Product description:
     The equipment adopts rotating spray technology to realize the cleaning function. The cleaning method: uses the dissolving effect of the sprayed liquid to dissolve the stains on the surface of the silicon wafer, and at the same time uses the centrifugal effect of high-speed rotation to make the liquid with dissolved impurities leave the surface of the silicon wafer in time. At the same time, because the sprayed liquid and the rotating silicon wafer have a higher relative speed, a larger impact force will be generated to remove the adsorbed impurities. After the cleaning is completed, the inert gas is used for direct drying to complete the cleaning of the silicon wafer.

2.      Equipment application and industry:
  This equipment is mainly used in the wafer cleaning process of the semiconductor industry to remove contaminants and particulate foreign bodies on the surface of the wafer.

3.      Product features:

        (1) The equipment adopts PLC control, which is easy to operate and stable in performance;

       (2) Two-fluid jet mist cleaning with water and air combination;

       (3) The cleaning stage adopts microporous ceramic disc, which has high flatness and parallelism and long service life;
(4) Use automatic centrifugal locking jaws to lock the disc ring to avoid throwing away;
(5) The cleaning time, drying time, rotation speed, blowing time, and spraying range of the nozzle are all digitally controlled on the screen.

4.     Technical Parameters

1. Applicable Wafer size


2. Model

Dwin- Wafer Cleaning-03A

3. High efficiency

Overall UPH≥30pcs

4. Equipment cleanliness level

Grade 100

5. Cleaning rate


(dust spot washing rate above 1um, except for secondary pollution)

6. Cleaning method

Plasma (optional) + 2 fluid spray + high speed centrifugal dehydration

7. Cleaning medium

Clean DI water ( > 0.4mpa) / air (0.4-0.6mpa )

8. Flow setting range


9. Hydrogen flowmeter


10. Height of operation table

900±50 mm

11. Machine Dimensions

L800 x*W1000*H1800mm


12. Air source specification

>0.5MPa Clean, wihtout oil and water


13. Power specifications


14. Total power


5.  product pictuer


100#Semi-automatic wafer cleaning machine

200#Semi-automatic wafer cleaning machine

300#Semi-automatic wafer cleaning machine

400#Semi-automatic wafer cleaning machine

500#Semi-automatic wafer cleaning machine

600#Semi-automatic wafer cleaning machine

700#Semi-automatic wafer cleaning machine


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