Company Introduction

         Shenzhen Shuangshi Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2014. The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters in Shenzhen headquarters, with 462 employees; 500 square meters in Suzhou R&D center, with 45 employees; India factory 4,000 square meters, with 40 employees ; Meizhou Fengshun factory 80,000 square meters, officially put into operation in June 2020.
         The company focuses on the development of precision dispensing and precision assembly equipment; it is good at the d
evelopment and application of precision spraying, fixture design and development, laser cutting and welding, mobile phone assembly testing, and smart CCD positioning/detection in the semiconductor, LCD and camera industries. Designing corresponding non-standard equipment according to customer needs, and providing customers with services such as process route planning, we are a one-stop service manufacturer of electronic production equipment.

Enterprise development history

2014: On January 17, 2014, Shenzhen Shuangshi Technology Co., Ltd. was established and officially entered the field of intelligent manufacturing equipment.

2015: Formed a group of professional R&D teams, adopted an independent innovation R&D model, and through repeated research and experiments, the company gradually achieved technological breakthroughs from struggle.

2016: Realized the entire line of development and mass production of fingerprint module production equipment.

2017: The first self-developed fully automatic two-fluid cleaning machine was launched on the market. After continuous upgrading and improvement, the yield and performance of the cleaning machine far exceeded the cleaning machine of Singapore ASM, and the crystal production performance exceeded the imported equipment for the first time, breaking ASM Monopoly in the camera industry.

2018: The Shuangshi Suzhou R&D Center and the Indian branch were established. In the same year, they were successively recognized as Shenzhen National High-tech Enterprise and National High-tech Enterprise.

2019: Won the title of "Over 10 Million Taxpayer" and "Top Ten Technological Innovation Enterprise", established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Guangdong Shuangshi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., settled in Meizhou Fengshun, and the first phase of the project began to be constructed. The area is over 40,000. (At the same time, the second phase of the project began to plan, with a construction area of over 80,000)

2020: In February 2020, the Shuangshi Terminal Division was established, and the group's business areas were further expanded. The first phase of the Meizhou Fengshun project had been officially put into used in June 2020.


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