Dwinauto's Industry Related News(OLED)

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Dwinauto's Industry Related News(OLED)

On May 24, at the 2021 Fiery Summer Good Struggle Economic and Trade Fair and the Wuhan Second Quarter Investment Promotion Project Signing Conference, Yin Zhanjiang, assistant to the president of Skyworth Color TV Company, said that Skyworth MiniLED Display Technology Industrial Park will land in Dongxihu District, Wuhan. The entire industry plans to invest no less than 10 billion in Wuhan, hoping to meet the output value requirements within 50 months. www.dwinauto.com

On May 24, Wuhan held the second quarter investment promotion project signing conference

Yin Zhanjiang introduced that Skyworth MiniLED Display Technology Industrial Park is a nationwide top-end Skyworth industrial project built in Wuhan. The entire project has an investment of 6.5 billion, which is mainly positioned in the manufacture of MiniLED chips, MiniLED backlight packaging and modules, and ultra-high-definition terminal displays. It is a high-tech industrial park integrating production, R&D and sales. Skyworth Color TV Company hopes to maximize production efficiency and cost efficiency, build Skyworth's comprehensive competitive advantage from the advantages of the entire industry chain , and create core competitiveness for Skyworth in Wuhan and even the whole country and the world. www.dwinauto.com

"The implementation of the entire project benefits from Wuhan's industrial advantages, talent advantages and location advantages on the one hand, and on the other hand, it benefits from the importance of Wuhan's leaders at all levels to the industry. We have felt Wuhan's desire for investment and the entire industry Attention. We believe that Wuhan's Skyworth MiniLED Display Technology Industrial Park will develop rapidly." Yin Zhanjiang said. www.dwinauto.com

In an interview with Changjiang Daily, Yin Zhanjiang said that Skyworth chose Wuhan for two reasons: First, Skyworth relied on the advantages of Wuhan University and Huake and other universities in the early days to establish a research and development institution in Wuhan; Second, there were Corning Glass and BOE screens in the Dongxihu District of Wuhan., Which provides Skyworth with the advantage of industrial integration. www.dwinauto.com

Yin Zhanjiang said that this signing made Skyworth feel Wuhan's efficiency. "We believe that the speed of Wuhan has surpassed the speed of Shenzhen that year. This time the project has not been more than two months from the agreement reached to the completion of the contract . We have met with the person in charge in Wuhan about four or five times before and after, and both sides are holding an agreement. Negotiations for the goals reached were very efficient. The entire agreement was reached at the end of March this year. We admire Wuhan's speed very much." www.dwinauto.com

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