Lubrication method of Dwinauto mechanical parts LCD lamination machine OEM

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Lubrication method of Dwinauto mechanical parts LCD lamination machine OEM

Manual oil (or grease) lubrication
Mainly used for open gears, chains, wire ropes and rough machinery that is not often used. Refueling by oil pine and oil cup, the structure is the simplest. The oil quantity of each lubrication point can be controlled separately. For each lubricating point that is far apart, it can save the weight by eliminating the need for a long pipeline for a centralized lubricating system. The disadvantage is that if the refueling is not timely, it is easy to cause wear and tear.

Drip lubrication
The oil is lubricated by dripping oil through the needle valve or oil rope in the oil cup installed on the lubrication point by the weight of the oil. The structure is simple and the use is convenient, generally only need to add oil to the oil cup every 8 hours, and it can be installed in the place where the oil pot cannot reach. However, it is not easy to control the oil supply. Vibration, temperature changes and the level of the oil level will affect the oil supply. High viscosity oil should not be used, otherwise the needle valve will be blocked. Mainly used for sliding and rolling bearings, gears, chains and sliding guides.

splash lubrication
The oil is agitated by the part itself immersed in the oil sump or by an oil slinger attached to the shaft, causing it to splash on the friction surfaces. This is a circulating lubrication method that is widely used for rolling bearings, gear drives, worm drives, chain drives, cams and other wheels in a closed box. The depth of immersion of the parts is limited to account for the loss of stirring power and the effectiveness of lubrication. The peripheral speed v of the parts immersed in the oil pool is generally controlled to be less than 12m/s. If the speed is too high, the loss of stirring power will be too large, and the oxidation of the oil will be serious; but the speed will not be too low, otherwise the lubrication effect will be affected.

Oil ring and oil chain lubrication
Rely on the oil ring or oil chain sleeved on the shaft to carry the oil from the oil pool to the lubricated part. The lower part of the oil ring 2 sleeved on the shaft diameter 1 is in the oil pool. When the shaft rotates, the friction force drives the oil ring to rotate, thereby bringing the oil into the bearing for lubrication.

Oil rope and oil pad lubrication
Typically a felt pad or wick that is in contact with the friction surface absorbs the oil from the oil, which is then applied to the work surface. Sometimes there is no oil sump, and it is only full of oil at the beginning, and then periodically replenishes a little oil with the oil can. Mainly used in small or lightly loaded plain bearings. The main advantages of this method are that it is simple and cheap, and the felt pad and oil rope can filter, so it is more suitable for dusty occasions. However, due to the small amount of oil, it is not suitable for large or high-speed bearings. The amount of fuel supply is not easy to adjust.

Oil mist lubrication
The oil mist lubrication system consists of oil mist lubrication device, pipeline and condensing nozzle. The oil mist lubrication device is mainly composed of a water separation filter, a pressure regulating valve and an oil mist generator. Oil mist lubrication is mainly used for high- speed rolling bearings and chains under high temperature working conditions. This method not only achieves the purpose of lubrication, but also plays the role of cooling and sewage, and the fuel consumption is small. The disadvantage is that the exhaust gas contains suspended oil mist, causing pollution. This method will be replaced by oil-air lubrication.


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