Mechatronics of Dwinauto Machinery High Speed CCM Laminator

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Mechatronics of Dwinauto Machinery High Speed CCM Laminator

Mechatronics is a technology-intensive system engineering that integrates and intersects multi-disciplinary technical fields such as system technology, computer and information processing technology, automatic control technology, detection and sensing technology, servo drive technology, and mechanical technology.

1. Mechanical technology
Mechanical technology is the foundation of mechatronics. With the introduction of high-tech into the machinery industry, mechanical technology is faced with sorting and changes. In mechatronics products, it is no longer a single connection between systems. It has an important impact on mechatronics in terms of system structure, weight, body rigidity and time availability. In the mechatronics system of the manufacturing process, the classic mechanical theory and technology should be used to form a new generation of mechanical manufacturing technology with the help of computer-aided technology and artificial intelligence and expert systems. Here the original mechanical technology exists in the form of knowledge and skills. For example, computer-aided process specification preparation (CAPP) is the bottleneck of current CAD/CAM system research. The key problem is how to express and state the standards, habits and experiences of various industries, enterprises, and technical people, so as to realize the automatic process design of computers. and management.

2. Computer and Information Processing Technology
Information processing technology includes information exchange and access, operation judgment and decision-making. The tool to realize information processing is computer, so computer technology and information processing technology are closely related. Computer technology includes computer software technology and hardware technology, network and communication technology, data technology, etc.
In the mechatronics system, the computer information processing part directs the operation of the whole system. Whether the information processing is confirmed and timely directly affects the quality and efficiency of the system work. Therefore, computer application and information processing technology have become the most active factors to promote the development and transformation of mechatronics technology. Artificial intelligence technology, expert system technology, neural network technology, etc. all belong to computer information processing technology.

3. System technology
System technology is to organize and apply various related technologies with the concept of the whole to decompose the whole into several functional units that are organically connected with each other from a global perspective and system goals. The functional units are used as subsystems for secondary decomposition to generate more single and specific sub-systems. Functional units, these sub-functional units can continue to be decomposed layer by layer until an achievable technical solution can be found. Gain an in-depth understanding of the internal structure and interrelationships of the system. Grasping the external connections of the system is very important for system design and product development.

4. Automatic control technology
The scope of automatic control technology is very wide, mainly including: the basic control theory, the design of specific control devices or control systems under the guidance of this theory; the on-site debugging of the system simulation after the design; finally, the developed system can be put into operation. Due to the variety of control objects, the content of control technology is extremely rich, such as high-precision positioning control, speed control, adaptive control, self-diagnosis, calibration, compensation reproduction, retrieval and so on.


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