Brief description of the relevant characteristics and performance of the laminating machine

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Briefly describe the relevant characteristics and performance of the laminating machine

  The laminating machine includes major mechanical parts such as unwinding device, gluing device, conveying and pressing device, and driving motor. The automatic laminating machine is mainly designed for the production characteristics of small displays and small touch components, and is one of the necessary equipment for the production of liquid crystal displays. Our company introduces its characteristics and performance in several aspects laminating machine

  Automatic laminating machine

  In the technical field of laminating machinery, it specifically refers to a laminating machine for laminating two-layer substrates. It is achieved by the following technical solution: the laminating machine includes a first substrate unwinding device for placing a first substrate, a gluing device, a second substrate unwinding device for placing a second substrate, and Preheating, conveying, heating and pressurizing laminating device, said preheating, conveying, heating and pressurizing laminating device includes a motor, a large heating wheel driven by the motor, and a pressing wheel, wherein the circumference of the heating wheel is formed with drying heating and conveying Zone and pressure bonding zone, in which the pressure roller is located at the periphery of the pressure bonding zone; the substrate placed on the first substrate unwinding device passes through the gluing device and enters the heating drum for drying and heating on the circumferential surface Zone, and pass between the pressing wheel and the heating wheel under the transportation of the heating wheel and the second substrate. The utility model has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, the entire process is compact, and has the advantages of saving space.

  The laminating machine differs depending on the design of each machine manufacturer. However, the various components on the machine generally include: coating, drying, hot pressing, cooling and other units laminating machine


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