Dwinauto Mechanical Parts Flying Laser Marking Machine

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Dwinauto Mechanical Parts Flying Laser Marking Machine

EZNiCu type electrode This type of electrode is commercially available as Z508, which is a nickel-copper (Ni70-Cu30) alloy core and graphite-coated cast iron electrode. Because the nickel-copper full gold of Ni70-Cu30 is also called Monel alloy , it is often called The electrode is a Monel electrode. The electrode w(Ni)=70%, which is lower than pure nickel electrode and higher than nickel-iron electrode. The white mouth in the semi-melting area is narrow, which is between the pure nickel electrode and the nickel-iron rod. Under the appropriate welding process, the width of the white mouth in the semi-melting area is generally about 0.07mm. The hardness of the heat-affected zone is lower than 300HBS, Because the hardness of the weld is 150~190HBS. The workability of the joint welded is close to that of pure nickel electrode, but slightly better than that of nickel-iron electrode. The shrinkage rate of the nickel-copper alloy is relatively large (about 2%), it is easy to cause a large internal stress in the weld, so the thermal crack resistance of the electrode is not as good as that of the nickel-iron electrode and the pure nickel electrode. Larger defects are more prone to cracks. The weld metal often has small hot cracks due to the infusion of the gray cast iron base metal SP. The tensile strength of gray cast iron welded joints is 78~167MPa, and the mechanical properties of low sub HT200 gray cast iron. Therefore, the electrode should be repaired with gray cast iron machined surface with low dry strength requirements, but after adding appropriate rare earth to the weld, the hot crack of the weld can be eliminated, so that the strength of the joint matches the gray cast iron base metal. www.dwinauto.com

At present, there is no nickel-based filament (08~12mm) cast iron welding material suitable for semi-automatic welding or automatic welding in my country. Advanced industrial countries already have supplies of this material. Although the welding current used for this kind of continuous welding material is basically similar to the current used by the 432mm electrode arc electrode, about 100A, but the continuous current density is large and the welding wire melting speed is fast, so it can be used several times higher than that of hand arc welding. Therefore, the welding heat input can also be reduced by several times correspondingly, so that the white mouth and martensite in the heat affected zone of cast iron welding can be significantly reduced. www.dwinauto.com

The pure nickel-cored cast iron electrodes of the EZNi type are recognized as the electrodes with the best machinability for splices. With a suitable small welding current, the width of the white mouth in the semi-melting area can be controlled at about 0.05mm . This is not difficult for ordinary factories to process welding joints. However, for large automobile factories, since gray cast iron castings must be processed in an assembly line after welding, the rhythm is very strong, and sometimes the welding repairs need to be processed with expensive broaches, or with high-carbon steel drills, - - It is difficult for the machining workers to break the broach at the white mouth, or the drill bit touches the white mouth to process smoothly. Therefore, it is worth studying to further improve the machinability of pure nickel-cored cast iron electrodes. www.dwinauto.com


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