Dwinauto's Mechanical Design Tasks Chip Two fluid cleaning machine

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Dwinauto's Mechanical Design Tasks Chip Two fluid cleaning machine

Design tasks can generally be divided into the following four categories:
1) Independent development and design enterprises or individuals, according to the needs of the market, or according to sudden innovation inspiration and prediction of the application value of Weimi, under the premise of unknown principle and plan, the creative and brand-new design of the cabinet is made. The results can usually be listed in the list of human inventions, and obtained patents. There will also be a plan to carry out this work, but unlike contracts and orders, there are strict constraints in terms of time and parent delivery, which is very beneficial and necessary to fully develop innovative thinking. www.dwinauto.com

2) Order-accepting development and design This is a development and design based on the user's ordering requirements. It is often a special non-standard equipment that meets the individual needs of the user. The design department must bear certain risks, so it must be carefully demonstrated. The main technology should be in In the field of business that you are familiar with, most of the technologies and parts and components used should be mature, and the design and manufacturing cycle and delivery time should be adapted to your own strength . The use of new technologies that are not yet familiar should be fully demonstrated, but not too much. Users usually seek manufacturers by bidding, and whether the bid can be won depends on the comprehensive strength of the bidder. www.dwinauto.com

3) Adaptive design: On the premise that the general scheme and principle remain unchanged, the developmental design is carried out in order to adapt to some new requirements of users, or to overcome the shortcomings reflected in product market research. It often makes additions or overcomes the shortcomings improvements to individual functions or components. www.dwinauto.com

4) Variant design is a design that only changes in size, arrangement, and capacity, and basically does not affect the functional structure of the system. For example, series design of gear reduction box, four-cylinder, eight-cylinder, in- line, V-type and other modification designs of engines. www.dwinauto.com

The design process is divided into stages:
1) At the stage of formulating the task statement, a detailed requirement table is prepared, and clear requirements are put forward for the functions, constraints and importance of the designed system. It can be supplemented or adjusted in subsequent work steps, keeping it always up-to-date and optimal. But this kind of change should have strict procedures within the enterprise and between the enterprise and the ordering unit. www.dwinauto.com

2) In the design stage of the scheme, according to the task book, the design tasks are abstracted to the essential height to be recognized; the functional structure is established through functional analysis and synthesis; the functional structure is transformed into a specific functional structure by seeking appropriate action principles; given Principles of the system. The scheme selected through the evaluation of the principle scheme must continue to be tracked and evaluated for its "optimization" in the subsequent design. www.dwinauto.com

3) The detailed design stage determines a solution for the designed system in terms of structure, including the selection of materials, the determination of shape and size, and the determination of specific parameters. www.dwinauto.com


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