Shenzhen Double ten on quantum mechanical wave packets

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Shenzhen Double ten on quantum mechanical wave packets  

In physics, a wave packet is a group of plane waves with different wavelength, phase and amplitude in a small region of space  

Dry stack.  During propagation, if there is no dispersion, the envelope of the wave packet can be in the propagation process  

Stay the same.  The motion of microscopic objects conforms to De Brogile's matter waves, whose motion states can be found in quantum mechanics  

The wave function describes the state of motion of an object.  According to quantum mechanics  

Plus principle, the real state of the object motion is the linear superposition of each wood characteristic state.  As a description of the micro world more refined  

Indeed, quantum mechanics, more generally, should also apply to the description of macroscopic objects.  Quantum mechanics and classical mechanics are the most  

The intuitive difference is that the former uses probability wave to describe the probability, time and energy of particles appearing in space, or space  

The relationship between position and dynamic force is limited by uncertainty principle.  You can see that corresponds to the orbital motion of the classical particle  

A quantum state cannot be a simple stationary state, but can only be a non formed by the coherent superposition of several stationary states  

Steady state.  To simulate the orbital motion of classical particles, they should be a local wave moving in a narrow space  

Package (localized wave - packet).  In 1926 Schrodinger was constructed by quantum mechanical wood eigenstates of harmonic oscillators  

A wave packet simulating the reciprocating motion of classical oscillators is constructed, which is called coherent state later  

(Coherent State).  The position of the wave packet gives the position of the particle, the narrower the wave packet, the particle  

The more specific the positions of the particles, the more diffuse the momentum distribution.  Therefore, if it can be prepared in ultrafast spectral measurement  

Coherent states, like wave packets, make it possible to find traces of classical motion in a world ruled by quantum laws,  

That is, the time behavior of molecular vibration and rotation.  According to Bohr's correspondence principle, in the limit of large quantum numbers,  

The broom is the rod of CAI fiber from blade A dong I9 zhenan same dry broken into CAI fiber.  Tian I 20. Gao Jing zi fold (n, of  

Rydberg state is a quantum state which is easy to realize wave packet motion.  

The energy eigenstate is a stationary state, and the position distribution is independent of time, so whether the harmonic of simulated classical mechanics can be found  

The quantum mechanical wave function of oscillator motion (dependent on time), that is, can find the wave satisfying the following relation  

The function is flat (X, t)[7, 8].  

X (T)}} < T w (T) > = Acoswt (1.5)  

Taking harmonic oscillator as an example, some properties corresponding to the coherent state wave packet of quantum mechanics and classical mechanics are discussed:  

FIG. 1.7 Evolution process of harmonic wavelet packet calculated from equation (i.9) (it indicates that coherent states of harmonic oscillator are limited to space cell  

An indiffusible wave packet in the domain) 


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