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Rydberg states were originally used to refer to atoms or bound states with large quantum number n.  Now for all the other  

The bound state of the large quantum number N in the system is also conventionally called the Rydberg state.  Coherently overlapped by many Rydberg states  

The wave packet formed by addition is called the Rydberg wave packet [[9]. In the harmonic oscillator model, the wave packet is the coherent superposition of all the wood eigenstates  

In addition, to prepare such coherent states experimentally, it is required that the spectral line width covers the vibrational ground state to Rydberg ionization  

State, which corresponds to the ionization potential of the electron, and this wide line width for femtosecond pulses is usually up to  

Less than.  However, Rydberg wave packet can produce coherent states in a relatively narrow range of spectral line widths (FIG  

I. 8).  

Figure 1.8 Schematic diagram of Rydberg wave packet preparation by ultrashort-pulsed laser in a harmonic oscillator quantum system (12) laser center frequency approx  

Is 4000Cfl 1, corresponding to the average quantum number  

N. 2:18  

(a) is the schematic diagram of Young's double slit interference; (b) is the waveform of coherent superposition  

The time-dependent wave function of the localized quantum state wave packet can be expressed as the superposition of all one-dimensional energy wood eigenstates:  


In general, the superposition of the above wave functions may include continuous states, and the subscript n becomes the continuous variable  

The sum becomes the corresponding integral.  In the experiment, we are only interested in the superposition of bound states, and the reason is that in the experiment  

Localized wave packets are generated by the action of short pulses of laser.  According to the uncertainty principle △ T0E_1/2, At is laser  

Pulse width, DE is the energy broadening, i.e. the spectral line width.  Excitation formed by the ground state of a quantum system excited by a pulsed laser  

The emission state is a superposition of quantum states centered on the average quantum tens of thousands, which is determined by the central frequency of the laser  

The distribution width of n is inversely proportional to the laser pulse width.  In the case of large average quantum tens of thousands, false certainty  

The domain wave packet is a stationary wave function (Pn) with the center of state 07 (quantum number is ten thousand) and the statistical weight is gaussian distribution  

The standard deviation is 6 (6 = 1.j), i.e  


It can be seen that the energy contribution of these stationary states is great only around ten thousand.  Include the index term in equation (1.21)  

The stationary state energy Ell of is expanded at i1 according to The Taylor series:  

The first time scale Te is called classical period (harmonic oscillator period), and the second Trev is revival.  

Time, and the third item, Tsuper Rev, is the super reply time.  In the real world, there is Tc<<Trev<<Tsuper rev0  

In the representation of time-dependent wave function, the change term of the population phase with time in the exponential function is ignored (  

A 1 ent  

After much  

Within a short time after the formation of the Rvdberg wave packet (about one classical period), the wave packet can be approximated  

The ground maintains periodic motion (period TC).  Over time, the wave packet is caused by the phase difference between the component wave functions  



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