Double Ten technology about the application of automatic production line

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Double Ten technology about the application of automatic production line
In recent years, our GDP has maintained a growth rate of more than 7% for a long time, especially in recent years
The industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 15%. One of the reasons is the popularization and improvement of the application of automated production lines. Our country
Put forward that the development of economy should focus on the realization of industrialization and product information, and further put forward information is I
China is the inevitable choice to accelerate the realization of industrialization and modernization. With the national research field of industrial automation equipment
At present, a large number of enterprises and enterprises engaged in the research and development of equipment related to automatic production lines have emerged in China
Talent, currently has the ability of independent innovation design, for modern production to provide a large number of various functions
Automated production line.
Figure 1-3 shows an automated automobile production line of an automobile company. The company has the world's most advanced, world
Top automatic production line system for stamping, port assembly, resin, coating and final assembly. tong
The automatic production line system can realize high efficiency, high precision and low energy consumption stamping process in automobile manufacturing. borrow
The 267 automated robots on the assembly line enable more precise, flexible welding of the body, powerfully
Ensure product quality.
Figure 1-3 An auto production line of an auto company
Figure -4 shows the automatic welding production line of an electronic product manufacturer, including screen printing, mounting and fixing
Chemical, return port connection, cleaning and testing process units. Each unit of work on the production line is independent
Through the industrial network technology, the production line will constitute a complete industrial network system
To ensure the efficient and orderly operation of the whole production line, to achieve large-scale automatic production control and management.
Figure 1-4 Automatic welding production line of an electronic product manufacturer
FIG. 5 shows the automatic production line site of a tobacco company. The production line is introduced into the industrial network and is connected
It integrates the whole process automation system of wire production, cigarette production and packaging products. By adopting advanced
Computer technology, control technology, automation technology and information technology, integrated factory automation equipment, to volume
The whole process of tobacco production is controlled, scheduled and monitored. At the same time, industrial computer, transformer, man-machine interface, PLC
And intelligent robot and other automatic products have been fully applied in the production line.
Figure 1-5 Automatic production line of a tobacco company
Figure 1-6 shows the automatic filling line site of a winery. This automatic filling line mainly completes automatic feeding,
Filling, sealing, testing, marking, packaging and palletizing and other production processes, greatly improve the production efficiency
Rate, reduce the cost of enterprises, ensure the quality of products, to achieve the requirements of intensive mass production, increase
Strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises.
Figure 1-6 Automatic filling line site of a winery
Task 1.2 Cognition of typical automated production lines
Knowledge and capability objectives
1) Understand the components of typical automatic production lines and their basic functions.
2) Understand the system operation mode of typical automatic production line.
Automated production line has been widely used in modern industrial production with its own unique advantages
Because of the different types of modern production enterprises, the functions and types of automated production lines are also different
The same, and the actual industrial production of automatic production lines of various types, miscellaneous, but on automation
The core technology and functional implementation of the production line itself are almost the same. So, for convenience
Automated production line technology learning and training, many companies around the technical characteristics of automated production line development
A variety of different automatic production line teaching and training systems. This book is published by Shanghai Yingjisi Automation Technology Co., LTD
Department production of typical modular automated production line as the carrier, the use of automatic production line, installation, commissioning
And maintenance and other application technologies are introduced step by step.
Figure 1-7 shows a typical modular automated production line produced by Shanghai Yingjisi Automation Technology Co., LTD
Composition structure diagram. The typical automatic production line consists of a feeding unit, a testing unit, a processing unit and a handling order
There are 8 different modules, such as unit, sorting and conveying unit, extraction and installation unit, operator unit and three-dimensional storage unit
Unit composition. The modular automatic production line (MPS teaching system for short) is a set of open teaching
Automatic production line equipment, its comprehensive application of automatic production line required in a variety of technologies, fully reflects the self
The comprehensive and systematic characteristics of the dynamic production line technology are the effective combination of theory and practice integration teaching
It provides a perfect carrier, thus effectively shortening the distance between school teaching and engineering practical application.

Figure 1-7 Composition structure of a typical modular automatic production line

This typical automated production line adopts an open modular structure, although the individual component unit structure
Has been fixed, but the operation of each unit of work executive function, operation coordination between each unit of work
System, as well as the entire automated production line operation process and operation mode, can simulate the actual production site
The condition can be flexibly configured to realize the automatic production operation process simulating the actual production requirements. with
Each unit of work on this typical automated production line has the basic function of an automated aircraft. learn
Mastering the basic functions of each unit of work will lead to further learning of the networking communication of the entire automated production line
The technology of control and the operation of the whole machine has laid a good foundation.


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