Shenzhen Double Ten LCD Grinding, Cleaning and Mounting Machine

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Shenzhen Double Ten LCD Grinding, Cleaning and Mounting Machine

1. Product Overview
1.1 It is used for cleaning the surface of 3-8 inch LCD and attaching polarizer, attaching at the same time in double stations, using CCD alignment method. grinding and cleaning machine
1.2 The full-automatic high-speed cleaning and partial paste production line is composed of Tray tray/jacket feeder, LCD cleaning machine, and polarizer attaching machine. The main function of the tray feeding machine is to put the collected products into the next process in an orderly manner through the robotic arm and automatically arrange the tray; the main function of the LCD washing machine is to clean the upper and lower surfaces of the LCD glass, which is convenient Placement and other processes.
The main function of the automatic polarizer attaching machine is to automatically attach various polarizers on the substrate; no manual operation is required in the middle, and the entire process of cleaning the LCD glass and attaching the polarizer is automatically completed by this production line. grinding and cleaning machine
2. Product application:
       This equipment is mainly used for attaching polarizers to small-size LCD panels. grinding and cleaning machine
3. Product Features
   (1) In-line production reduces defects caused by intermediate links
   (2) High degree of automation, greatly improving efficiency and yield;
   (3) It can clean the organic matter attached to the LCD mirror;
   (4) The cleaning department adopts frictionless magnetic wheel transmission to prevent dust from polluting the glass. The servo motor cooperates with the timing belt to accurately transmit; grinding and cleaning machine
   (5) Reduce the secondary pollution of the glass in the middle, and have a higher guarantee for the cleanliness of the attachment;
   (6) The entire line completes glass cleaning and polarizer attachment at one time, reducing manual operations;
   (7) High intelligence, the debugging of the whole machine is completed in the touch screen, and the debugging parameters are digitized;
   (8) Various specifications of glass formula can be stored, and the line change speed is fast;
   (9) It can be automatically connected with various COG, FOG, feeder and other equipment in the industry. grinding and cleaning machine


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