Working Principle of Shenzhen D-WinBonding Machine

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Working Principle of Shenzhen D-WinBonding Machine
       With the growth of the times, the die-bonding machine has played an important role in our industrial production. The die-bonding machine is a professional model for product die-bonding. It is controlled by a computer and equipped with a CCD image sensor system. The system scans, confirms the correct path, and then enters the programmed program, and easily presses the button to realize the entire workflow. Bonding Machine
The die bonder is an automated equipment that absorbs the wafer from the wafer tray and mounts it on the PCB (printed circuit board) to realize the automatic bonding of the wafer and the detection of defective wafers. It can meet the needs of most production lines and is suitable for All kinds of high-quality, high-brightness (red, green, white, yellow, etc.) production, the department can be applied to the production of triodes, semiconductor discrete devices, DIP and SOP products, with a wide application scale and strong versatility. Bonding Machine
        The system structure of the die bonder mainly includes the motion control module, the pneumatic department, the machine vision department and the motion actuator module, and realizes the data communication with the special computer control center through the PCI bus interface. Bonding Machine
  2. Working principle:
        The loading mechanism transfers the PCB board to the working position on the workbench fixture. First, the dispensing ASM automatic die bonder mechanism dispenses the position where the PCB needs to be bonded to the chip, and then the bonding arm moves from the original position to the absorption chip Position, the wafer is placed on the wafer tray of the expander supported by the film. After the bonding arm is in place, the suction nozzle moves downward, and the thimble moves upward to lift the wafer. The bonding arm moves from the original position to the bonding position. The nozzle is down to bond the chip and the bonding arm returns to the original position again. This is a complete bonding process. When a rhythm is completed, the chip is obtained by machine vision inspection. The data of the next position is transferred to the chip tray electromechanical, and the electromechanical is allowed to move the corresponding distance to move the next chip to the aligned pickup chip position. The PCB board's glue bonding position is also the same process until All the glue points on the PCB board are bonded to the chip, and then the PCB board is removed from the worktable by the transfer mechanism, and a new PCB board is installed to start a new work cycle. Bonding Machine
      3. System advantages:
     The motion control department of the die bond machine system is realized by servo motors and stepper motors. Each of the electromechanical motions is controlled by industry-specific computers and motion control cards. The industry-specific computer Yuguang die bond machine computer is a die bond machine control system. The core department is mainly responsible for the management of human-computer interaction interface and real-time monitoring of the control system, issuing activity instructions, and effectively processing the information collected and transmitted by the control card, so that all links can achieve the expected activities, and ensure the accuracy of mechanical position detection and safe operation


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